In the search of the perfect earrings for a client attending an award show, ALYN VAUGHN co-founder (and former wardrobe stylist) Carrie Morgan designed and fashioned a pair that quickly created word-of-mouth demand and a burgeoning business.  Simultaneously, AV co-founder Nancy Gent had been pioneering ways to give local youth the necessary skills and business acumen needed in order to excel in the today's employment marketplace.  It didn’t take long for Carrie and Nancy’s shared passion for fashion, design, and the greater good to join forces and create ALYN VAUGHN, where Style and Purpose intersect. 

They created a student apprentice business model meant to invite the youth of Nashville, TN who want to pursue higher education, be it through university, community college or vocational school, and gain the invaluable knowledge and work experience needed in a competitive employment marketplace. Motivated to bridge the gap between problem and solution, Carrie and Nancy invite you to consider joining ALYN VAUGHN in pursuit of empowering passionate and capable youth in your community through adopting a curriculum-based, student apprentice program partnered with nearby schools.  There is strength in numbers...a co-op between two ore more businesses within your community in partnership with a school may be an alternate option.   If you have any questions or want to collaborate, please reach out  at  

It's more than business; it's social enterprise....


ALYN VAUGHN is dedicated to Carrie and Nancy's sweet mamas, Sandy Smith and Nancy Vera Gent.