Ana, Rowan, and Yahya taught ALYN VAUGHN what needs to be done differently for student workers: a curriculum. After meeting at Hillsboro High School through AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination), a college readiness program designed to help students develop skills for collegiate success, we were inspired to create a program for motivated Nashville youth to gain invaluable work experience and also fund their education through a scholarship fund awarded after completing 1,000 curriculum hours.  Simply having a university degree doesn’t weather the climate of the post-collegiate workforce anymore. Student workers need to fund their education AND simultaneously acquire skill sets and business acumen needed to secure employment post-graduation.

When student workers sign on for employment with ALYN VAUGHN, they become more than a “worker” – they become an Apprentice. They’re signing on to gain knowledge and work experience in every area of the company. Student apprentices log hours in product design, handcraftsmanship, brand awareness, wholesale and retail sales, packaging and shipping, inventory, and accounting. Paid apprentices also earn scholarship dollars funded by sales per each curriculum hour worked. That means every time you invest in ALYN VAUGHN’s unique, quality design, you invest in capable, passionate youth, too.  

-Carrie & Nancy

 Hillsboro High School Graduation, May 2017  Off to college!

Hillsboro High School Graduation, May 2017  Off to college!